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CRID PHARMA : a full service company specialized in Health Products Development and Clinical Supplies.

For 20 years, CRID PHARMA has helped Big Pharma Groups and Biotech Companies to develop their Drug Products. The company participates in the development and registration of more than 100 products every year.

Crid Pharma


On a daily basis, we are focused on three major principles: Quality of work, Timeliness and Cost effectiveness.

CRID PHARMA at Saint Gély du Fesc near Montpellier in Hérault(34), Languedoc-Roussillon, southern France

With brand new 2,000 mē facilities, located in Southern France, and a constant investment policy to follow client's needs, CRID PHARMA is a key partner for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies.

With a strong QA support and a qualified staff of 50 people, CRID PHARMA participates at each key stage of the Pharmaceutical Development process.

Crid Pharma Crid Pharma

CRID PHARMA is compliant with GMPs and ICH Guidelines.

CRID PHARMA is authorized by French competent authorities AFSSAPS (Health Products) and AFSSA (Veterinary products).

CRID PHARMA is an independent company and has no affiliation with any Pharmaceutical group.

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